I’m a New York native turned California transplant. I've been in San Francisco since 2006 and, during my life in the city by the bay, I've been:

  • a DJ

  • a valet

  • an activist

  • a designer

  • a technologist

  • a working artist

  • a venture capitalist

  • an executive director

  • a marketing consultant for luxury brands

  • a semi-professional women’s lacrosse player

  • a co-founder of one of the first global distribution networks for mobile art

  • invited to to Obama’s White House five times, twice to present and speak

  • founder of the first digital organization for Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders

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I spend my days finding the next great generation of tech companies founded by teams of people from spectacular, unconventional and unprecedented backgrounds. At night, you can usually find me behind a pair of turntables, Reading, building or gardening in the backyard, on a dance floor, toiling at something random on the computer, or watching Netflix whilst snuggling with some combination of my wife, dog and cat.

May your ears be filled with enjoyable sounds and your heads with some thoughts on culture and social norms. 

Feedback welcome, always
Trolls banned, always